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  • Tên sách : A Sanskrit Reader
  • Tác giả : Charles Rockwell Lanman
  • Dịch giả :
  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
  • Số trang : 405
  • Nhà xuất bản : Cambridge Massachusetts -Harvard University Press
  • Năm xuất bản : 1934
  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
  • MCB : 1210000004856
  • OPAC :
  • Tóm tắt :

A Sanskrit Reader

Text and Vocabulary and Notes


Charles Rockwell Lanman



Introductory suggestions

Brief list of books for students of Sanskrit

Part I.

  1. From the Mãhã-bhãrata.


  1. The story of Nala and Damayantĩ
  2. From the Hitopadeca.
  3. Preface and introduction

III. The old tiger and the traveler

  1. The deer and the crow, and the jackal
  2. The blind vulture, the birdlings, and the cat
  3. The ass, the dog, and the thief

VII. The lion, the mouse, and the cat

VIII. The crows and the serpent

  1. The lion, the old hare, and the well
  2. The birds and the apes
  3. The ass in the tiger-skill

XII. The elephant, the hares, and the moon

XIII. The blue jackal

XIV. The two geese and the tortoise

  1. The three fishes

XVI. The herons, the serpent, and the ichneumons

XVII. The hermit, and the mouse that was changed to a tiger

XVIII. The heron, the fishes, and the crab

XIX. The Brahman and his jar

  1. The Brahman with the goat, and the three rogues

XXI. The Brahman and his faithful ichneumon

  1. From the Kathã-aarit-sãgara,

XXII. King Putraka and the seven-league boots

XXIII. Story of Mousey, the thrifty merchant

XXIV. King Ọibi, the falcon, and the dove

XXV. Story of Ahalyã

XXVI. The king who didn’t know his Sanskrit grammar.

XXVII. The pathetic history of the stories

XXVIII.      D. From the Manava-dharmagastra.

  1. The creation
  2. The four ages of the world
  3. The Brahman’s life, etc.
  4. The transmigration of souls

XXIX. Riddle

XXX.          Riddle

  1. From the Rigveda.

XXXI. i.1 Hymn to Agni, the Fire-god

XXXII. i.32 Indra slays the dragon

XXXIII. i.50 To Sũrya, the Sun-god

XXXIV. i. 97 To Agni

XXXV. i. 165 Indra and the Maruts

XXXVI. iii. 62 To Savitar

XXXVII. iv. 42 Indra contests the supremacy of Varuna

XXXVIII. i. 52 To Ushas, the Dawn-goddess

XXXIX. v. 24 To Agni

  1. v. 40 Indra and Atri, and the Sun eclipsed by the demon

XLI. vii.55 Magic spells to produce sleep

XLII. vii.56 To the Maruts or gods of the storm-winds

XLIII. viii.86 To Varuna

XLIV. vii.88 To Varuna

XLV. vii.89 To Varuna

XLVL. viii.14 To Indra. — Indra and Namuchi

XLVII. viii. 85 Indra and the Maruts, and Vritra

XLVIII. viii. 91 To Agni

XLXIX. x9. To the Waters

XLXX. x.14 Funeral-hymn

  1. x. 16 Funeral-hymn

LII. x. 17 Funeral-hymn

LIII. x. 18 Funeral-hymn

LIV. x. 83 The aged priest to the young prince

  1. x. 40 Wedding-stanza

LVI. x 52 The gods install Agni as oblation-bearer

LVII. x. 53  Burial and wedding-stanzas

LVIII. x. 85 The wedding-hymn

LIX.  x 187 Exorcism for a sick person

  1. x. 154 To Yama.-Funeral-hymn

LXL. x. 156 Burial-stanza

  1. Other Brahmana-pieces.

LXVL. Legend of Agni the oblation-bearer, and of the fish

LXVII. Legend of Indra and the Maruts, and Yritra .

LXVIII. Legend of Indra and the god Ka or Who

LXIX. The two kinds of deities, the gods and the Brahmans

LXX. Truth, untruth, and silence     

LXXI. How the gods got immortality and how Death got his share

LXXII. Legend of Indra and Namuchi       

LXXIII. Nirukta on EY. i.32.10, selection xxxii

  1. From the Grihya-sũtras.

LXXIV. Wedding-customs and the wedding-service

LXXV. The customs and ritual of cremation and burial



Explanations and abbreviations

List of abbreviations     



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