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  • Tên sách : The Buddha & His Teaching
  • Tác giả : Ernest K. Shinkaku Hunt
  • Dịch giả :
  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
  • Số trang : 119
  • Nhà xuất bản : Aoyama Shoin Inc. Tokio
  • Năm xuất bản : 1962
  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
  • MCB : 12100000011635
  • OPAC :
  • Tóm tắt :


          The Venerable Ernest Kaundinya Shinkaku Hunt was born, on the sixteenth day of August 1876 at Hoddesdon, Hertford­shire, England. He received an elementary education from a governess in his home. At the age of eleven he went to Saint Paul’s School, London, as a day scholar. A year later he enrolled as a pupil in the Cranbrock Grammar School in Kent, after which he entered Eastbourne College in Sussex from which later he graduated, passing the Oxford Junior and Senior Locals.

          Feeling an inclination to go to sea, he became a midshipman in the British Mercantile Marine At one of the ports on the ship’s call he met by chance, a young Buddhist Indian who kindly invited him to his house and gave him some pamphlets which explained the Teachings of Karma and Rebirth as taught by the Lord Buddha. These doctrines fascinated him and went deep into his subconscious mind. Later, being spiritual minded, [he studied for the Church of England priesthood but found the 4Buddhist teaching prevented him from wholly accepting the ‘ Christian faith.

            He came to the Hawaiian Islands in 1915 and after studying the Buddhist religion for several years wrote an Outline of Buddhism as a Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Pharma and ordination as priest, from the Burma Buddhist Mission affiliated with the University of Rangoon. He founded the International if Buddhist Institute of Hawaii in 1932, and was elected life presi­dent of the Institute.

        The Venerable Rosen Takashina, Archbishop and head of the Soto Sect in Japan, came to Honolulu in 1953 to formally open the new temple. Before leaving the Island, the Archbishop gave him a Soto Zen ordination.

          When the I.B.I. affiliated with the western Buddhist Order, he was appointed the Deputy Superior General of the w. B. o. for the Pacific Area.


          It was more than half a century ago that Venerable Ernest K. Hunt began his preaching of Buddhism in the Hawaiian Islands. Many works have been done for the English speaking Buddhists in Hawaii. His contributions are being acknowledged by all Buddhists in Hawaii regardless of their sects and denominations.

         Venerable Hunt is now nearly ninety years old, and is in good health. He is still carrying on his work to spread the teaching of Buddhism.

          His work which is now entitled “The Buddha and His Teach­ing” was written and published in booklet form many years ago for the Buddhist Sunday School use. It is so well presented fort young people that I asked Venerable Hunt’s permission if I could compile it into a new book with illustrations. He gladly gave me his consent.

         I wrote immediately to Mr. Sosei Sawa, President of Aoyama Shoin Inc., Tokyo. Mr. Sawa also gladly accepted my request.

        I sincerely hope that young Buddhists will learn more about the teaching of Buddha through this book and walk together hand in hand on the righteous way shewed by the Lord Buddha.

Jiho Machida

January 3. 1962


Editor’s Preface


Lesson 1     Need of Religion

Lesson 2     Who was the Buddha

Lesson 3     The Birth of the Buddha

Lesson 4     Asita’s Prophecy

Lesson 5     The Prince and a Swan

Lesson 6     The Prince Saw the Facts

Lesson 7     The Great Renunciation

Lesson 8     The Wandering Ascetic

Lesson 9     The Great Enlightenment

Lesson 10   The Wheel of the Law -I

Lesson 11   The Wheel of the Law -II

Lesson 12   The First Sermon

Lesson 13   Returning to Kapilavatthu

Lesson 14   Rahula and Devadatta

Lesson 15   Ambapali

Lesson 16   Pari Nirvana


Lesson 17   Man’s Great Enemy -I

Lesson 18   Man’s Great Enemy -II

Lesson 19   The Law of Karma -I

Lesson 20   The Power of Thought

Lesson 21   An ignorant Pine Tree

Lesson 22   Mind is like a Garden

Lesson 23   Thought Waves of Loving Kindness

Lesson 24   Beautiful Flower Thought

Lesson 25   Let’s Keep the Mint! Garden Beautiful

Lesson 26   Real Happiness

Lesson 27   The Law of Change -1

Lesson 28   A Story of an Ignorant Woman

Lesson 29   The Righteous Roadway

Lesson 30   Walk on the Way by Olio’s Will

Lesson 31   Buddhas

Lesson 32   The Law of Change -11

Lesson 33   The Law of Karma-11

Lesson 34   All Life is One

Lesson 35   The Long Chain of Lives

Lesson 36   The Great Pioneer

Lesson 37   The Life Journey

Lesson 38   Testing the Way -1

Lesson 39   Testing the Way -II

Lesson 40   The Bank of Life

Lesson 41   Start At Once

Lesson 42   The Real Buddhist

Lesson 43   A Story of Tree Fairies

Lesson 44   Ideals -1

Lesson 45   Ideals -11

Catechism for Sunday School

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