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  • Tên sách : Where Women Have No Doctor
  • Tác giả : Ronnie Lovich
  • Dịch giả :
  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
  • Số trang : 583
  • Nhà xuất bản : The Hesperian Foundation-Berkeley, Calif
  • Năm xuất bản :
  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
  • MCB : 1210000008199
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by A. August Burns ... [et al.] ; editor, Sandy Niemann, assitant editor, Elena Metcalf


Chapter 1: Women’s Health Is a Community Issue

What is women’s health?

Causes of poor health in women

Women are more at risk for disease

Working for change

Chapter 2: Solving Health Problems

Juanita’s story

Working for change

What is the best treatment?

To the health worker

Chapter 3: The Medical System

The medical system

If you need to go to the hospital

How to get better care

Working for change

Chapter 4: Understanding Our Bodies

A woman’s reproductive system

How a woman’s body changes

A man’s reproductive system

Monthly bleeding

Chapter 5: Health Concerns of Girls

Changes in your body (puberty)

Pressured or forced sex

Changes that can lead to a better life

Getting help from adults

Deciding about boyfriends and sex

Chapter 6: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Staying healthy during pregnancy

Common problems of pregnancy

Risks and danger signs

Prenatal care

Preparing for labor and birth

Giving birth

Difficult births

Danger signs for the baby at birth

Caring for the mother and baby

Women with special needs

To the father

Working for change

Chapter 7: Breastfeeding

Why breast is best

Why other feeding can be harmful

How to breastfeed

Advice for the mother

When the mother works

Removing milk by hand

Common concerns and problems

Special situations

Babies with special needs

When the mother is sick

HIV/AIDS and breastfeeding

When a woman becomes pregnant

Working for change

Chapter 8: Growing Older

The end of monthly bleeding

Common health problems with aging

Taking care of your health

Working for change

Sexual relations

Chapter 9: Women with Disabilities


Personal safety

Taking care of your health

Working for change

Sexuality and sexual health

Chapter 10: Staying Healthy


Community sanitation

Special needs of women

Working for change

Chapter 11: Eating for Good Health

Main foods and helper food

Eating better for less money

Harmful ideas about eating

Poor nutrition can cause disease

Ways to work toward better nutrition

Chapter 12: Sexual Health

Sex and gender roles

How gender affects sexual health

How to improve your sexual health

Working for change

Chapter 13: Family Planning

Benefits of family planning

Is family planning safe?

Choosing to use family planning

Choosing a family planning method

Barrier methods of family planning

Hormonal methods


Chapter 14: Infertility

What is infertility?

What causes infertility?

Dangers at work or at home that can hurt fertilit

Traditional and home methods

Permanent method

Emergency methods

Choosing the best method

Working for change

What to do for infertility

Losing a pregnancy

Living with infertility

Working for change

Chapter 15: Abortion and Complications of Abortio

Why some women have abortions

Safe and unsafe abortion

Deciding about an abortion

Safe methods of abortion

What to expect from safe abortion

What to expect after an abortion

Family planning after abortion

Complications of abortion

Preventing unsafe abortion

Chapter 16: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Other Infections of the Genitals

What STDs are a serious problem for women

Abnormal discharge

Growths (warts) on the genitals

Sores on the genitals

Other STDs (AIDS and Hepatitis)

Complications of STDs

How to feel better

Other medicines to treat STDs

Working for change

How to prevents STD

Chapter 17: AIDS                  

What are HIV and AIDS?

Why HIV and AIDS are different for women

Preventing HIV/AIDS

The HIV test

Living positively with HIV and AIDS

Care for persons with AIDS

Staying healthy as long as possible

Common medical problems

Caring for someone near death

Working for change

Chapter 18: Violence Against Women

The story of Laura and Luis

Why does a man hurt a woman?

Kinds of violence

Warning signs

The cycle of violence

Harmful effects of violence

Why women stay

What to do

Working for change

To the health worker

Chapter 19: Rape and Sexual Assault

Kinds of rape and sexual assault

How to avoid rape

Self defense for women

If you are sexually assaulted

What to do if you have been raped

Health problems of sex workers

Working for change

Chapter 20: Sex Workers

Why women because sex workers

Health problems of sex workers

STDs, including HIV/AID



How to protect yourself from STDs

Working for change

Negotiating condom use

Chapter 21: Pain in the Lower Abdomen

Sudden, severe pain

Questions about pain in the abdome

Kinds of pain in the abdomen

Chapter 22: Abnormal Bleeding from the Vagina

Problems with monthly bleeding

Bleeding after sex

Bleeding during pregnancy or after childbirth

Bleeding after menopause childbirth

Bleeding after an abortion or miscarriage

Chapter 23: Problems of the Urine System

Infections of the urine system

Leaking urine

Blood in the urine

When you have problems passing urine or stool

Need to pass urine often

Chapter 24: Cancer and Growths


Problems of the cervix

Problems of the womb

Problems of the breasts

Chapter 25: Tuberculosis      

What is TB?

How TB is spread

How to know if a person has TB

How to treat TB

Preventing TB

Working for change

Chapter 26: Work

Cooking fires and smoke

Lifting and carrying heavy loads

Work with wate

Work with chemicals

Sitting or standing for a long time

Repeating the same movement


Unsafe working conditions

Sexual harassment


Forgotten workers

Working for change

Chapter 27: Mental Health


Common causes of mental health problems in women

Common mental health problems for women

Helping yourself and helping others

Mental illness (psychosis)

Ways to improve your community’s mental health

Chapter 28: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Use and misuse of alcohol and drugs

Problems from alcohol and drugs

Overcoming problems with alcohol and drugs

Problems from tobacco

Living with someone who has a drinking or drug problem

Preventing drug and alcohol abuse

Chapter 29: Refugees and Displaced Women

Flight and arrival

Basic needs

Reproductive health

Mental health

Women as leaders

Chapter 30: Female Circumcision

Types of female circumcision

What to do for health problems

Health problems from circumcision

Working for change

Chapter 31: Use of Medicines in Women’s Health

Deciding to use medicine

Kinds of medicines

How to use medicine safely

Medicines that can save a woman’s life

Using the medicines in this book

Table of Medicines: Green page

Health Care Skills

Preventing infection

How to take temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure

How to examine the abdomen

How to examine a women’s genitals

Caring for burns

How to give fluids to treat shock

How to give an injection

Acupressure massage

Vocabulary: List of difficult word

Where to get more information

Index: Yellow pages

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