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  • Tên sách : When The Sarus Cranes Come and The Miracles
  • Tác giả : Thich Huyen Dieu
  • Dịch giả : Trần Tuấn Mẫn, NGuyễn Văn Nghệ, Châu Văn Thuận
  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
  • Số trang : 183
  • Nhà xuất bản : Van Nghe Publishing House,HCMC
  • Năm xuất bản : 2008
  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
  • MCB : 2100000011652
  • OPAC :
  • Tóm tắt :


            “I firmly believe that if we dedicate ourselves to do­ing good things, we will have the chance to find miracles happen in our life. This is a marvelous thing I myself once experienced and have ever since applied through­out my life. And now I want to share the experience with all my dear readers.”

           This is the sincere and earnest message that Ven. Huyen Dieu extended to readers in the three books he himself wrote, translated into English and offered to the public: “When the sarus cranes come”; “Nepal – peace is at hand”; “Success and happiness within your reach” (Van Nghe Publishing House 2006 – 2007).

         These books were warmly welcomed when they first appeared. Many readers have expressed their wish to see the books all reprinted in one single volume for easy handling. In response to readers’ wish and with Ven. Huyen Dieu’s consent, the publishers include the three above-mentioned books into one volume, which bears the title “When the sarus cranes come and the miracles“.

            Ven. Huyen Dieu is the first foreigner in Nepal to have been granted land to build a Buddhist monastery by the Nepalese Royal Government. This monastery is the Vietnam Lumbini Buddhist Monastery (the Vietnam Bud­dha Land Monastery), the first international monastery that has ever been built in Lumbini, which is the very place where the Lord Sakyamuni was born. Following the building of the Vietnam Buddhist Monastery, twenty other countries, one by one, have built their own pago­das and monasteries, and thus an international zone of Buddhist monasteries has come into existence in Lumbini.

           In his role as Chairman of the Lumbini International Buddhist Federation Ven. Huyen Dieu has earned great respect and received a great deal of support from the Nepalese Royal Government because they see him as the person who has wholeheartedly dedicated himself and contributed extensively to the building and develop­ment of Lumbini and made it become a cultural and spiri­tual center of the world, and in this way helped to en­hance the position and prestige of Nepal in the cultural and spiritual life of humanity.

         Later on, when war broke out in Nepal, it was Ven. Huyen Dieu that launched a campaign for restoring peace and persuaded the warring factions to come to the negotiation table to discuss ways to end the war, disarma­ment, and eradication of hatred among them. His peace-loving and good-will message has contributed tremen­dously to the restoration of peace in Nepal.

            We can all have profound lessons and extremely useful experiences to learn from Ven. Huyen Dieu’s stories of the time when he first set foot on the Buddha’s land, of his wholehearted dedication to the revival and develop­ment of Lumbini, of his chance to acquire land for the construction of the monastery. Many more lessons can also be learnt from the problems and obstacles he has encountered as well as the extensive support he has re­ceived, the strong determination he has displayed in his efforts to transform a desolate, neglected region into a holy place, a place of good land for birds to come and build their home in.

           The miracles are not those found in fairy tales, nei­ther are they mysterious threads in myths. A flock of noble sarus cranes have come to the Vietnam Buddhist Monas­tery and have become Ven. Huyen Dieu’s good company. They have certainly found there a warm heart filled with tender loving care for them. The warring factions in Nepal, all of them extremist and filled with hatred for each other, have made concessions when facing his persistent per­suasion, his sincere compassion and his earnest wish for peace… As miracles originate from the true heart and the will of each individual, if we all love our motherland, love and work for the happiness and welfare of other people, know how to build up the strong will needed for success, constantly nourish our peace-loving spirit, then we will find miracles glittering around us amazingly and marvelously.

           It is our hope that the pages in this book written by Ven. Huyen Dieu will be of great assistance to you, our dear readers, in finding miracles for yourselves.

Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City, December – 2007

Van Nghe Publishing House


Preface to the new edition


– Foreword

– The first international Buddhist monastery in the buddha’s land

– An adventurous decision

– The establishment of an international zone of Buddhist monasteries

– Where there is good earth, there are birds’ roost

– President of the Association of Bird Guards

– Protecting the sarus cranes

– The Vietnam Bridge of Compassion over the peaceful river the deadly river

– The construction of the Bridge of Compassion

– The hospital of compassion

– Everybody does good deeds

– Conclusion


– Preface (to the new edition)

– Preface (to the first edition)

– I. Nepal, a beautiful and majestic country that attracts tourists from all over the world

– II. How I have become a son of Nepal

– III. Political crisis and the outbreak of the guerilla war

– IV. What would become of Nepal’s future if hatred and killing continued?

– V. I have been a war victim myself

– VI. The law of cause and effect (or the law of kamma) – sowing good seeds and reaping good harvests

– VII. Peace is at hand for the Nepalese people

– VIII. I cannot sit and watch the killing going on in this country

– IX. The initial steps of the peace campaign

– X. Peace is not a gift coming down from heaven

– XI. Solution to a guaranteed peace

– XII. Nepal could become one of the richest nations in the world

– XIII. The secret of success

– Conclusion



– The miracle of a newspaper article (A Message to Garcia)

– A Message to Garcia

– The light from a Message to Garcia

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