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  • Tên sách : Bridging Worlds – Buddhist Women’s Voices Across Generations
  • Tác giả : Karma Lekshe Tsomo
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  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
  • Số trang : 279
  • Nhà xuất bản : Yuan Chuan Press-Taiwan
  • Năm xuất bản : 2004
  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
  • MCB : 1210000001599
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Karma Lekshe Tsomo

Since 1987, an international coalition of women has been working at the grassroots level for change, both in society and in Buddhist institutions. At the end of the First International Conference on Buddhist Women, held outdoors under a tent in Bodhgaya, the participants founded Sakyadhita, “Daughters of the Buddha,” the International Association of Buddhist Women. This coalition has become a powerful movement that stretches around the globe, across boundaries of gender, ethnicity, class, and religious tradition. In theory, at least, both feminist values and Buddhist values apply equally to women of all cultural, economic, social, and religious backgrounds. The global women’s movement is an ideal staging ground for testing this hypothesis.

The globalization of Buddhism is multidirectional and multivalent. The current transmission of Buddhism to the west is not simply the importation of Buddhism to non-Asian countries, nor simply a two-way street, but a multi-directional intersection of ideas and practices. It would be a gross oversimplification to say that the exchange is completely balanced and egalitarian, however, since feelings of cultural superiority are apparent on all sides. In the Buddhist centers of Asia, there is a sense that they have “got it right,” whereas Western Buddhists are neophytes admirably struggling to understand the tradition, but hobbled by a lack of commitment, discipline, and good manners. In the Buddhist centers of non-Asian nations, there is also a sense that they have “got it right,” whereas Asian Buddhist centers have mixed Buddhism with spiritualism, ritual, and magic (“cultural baggage”), or degenerated into merit-making. Asian Buddhists base their claims of authenticity on tradition, whereas Western Buddhists base their claims on sanitized twentieth-century reinterpretations of tradition. In fact, both approaches are equally reconstructions of earlier forms of Buddhism that can never be completely known and both are equally dynamic processes of continual, ongoing reinterpretation.

What Sakyadhita has tried to do is bring Asian and Western women together to learn about each other’s traditions and experiences, and to create opportunities where women, especially Asian Buddhist women, can speak in their own voices, tell their own stories, and reflect on their own experiences Thus far, most of Sakyadhita’s activities have taken place in Asia. I believe that this focus on Asia is justified for two reasons. First, among an estimated 300 million Buddhist women worldwide, approximately 99 percent are Asian and, over the past 2500 years of history, Asian Buddhist women’s experiences have rarely been heard Second, Asia is where the needs of Buddhist women are greatest. For these reasons, Sakyadhita has increasingly become concerned with social justice issues, in addition to providing encouragement and support for women’s education, training, and ordination.



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