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  • Tên sách : Markable Events Of Dhyana Teacher To Lun
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  • Dịch giả : Tam Kuo Ching
  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
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  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
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Markable  Events  Of Na Teacher To Lun




The aim that I translate this book is to offer for those who like to study about the doctrines of Bud­dhism. If you have any doubts about it, please fa­vour your ideas to Saint Paradise so that we may humbly discuss them y correspondence. Meanwhile, I hope when you have finished the book you may understand something about the truth of buddhism.

I am merely a student and also 0: e of the deciples of Dhyana Teacher To Lun I have followed him for several years, and I find that his dignity and conduct are worth admirable. He never surrender by any difficulties and hardships. He has love and mercy upon beings. He has made up his mind and decided to contribute himself for this work of redeeming be­ings. AH these miracle events-which I have mentioned  are definitely true, and I have seen it by my own eyes. What he has done for us is what Buddha had done to the world. Some of his miracle events are hardly understand by us, the ordinary men. I believe that Dhyana Teacher To-Lun is sent to redeem us.

From all the remarkable events of Dhyana Teacher To-Lun we will understand the true doctrines of Bud­dhism and its value. From this point of veiw, Buddhism is worthwile to believe. When you have finished this book I sincerely hope that you will gratefully carry the news of Buddhist Doctrine to the world. And we ought to follow the steps of Dhyana Teacher To-Lun his spiritual love of beings.




I               The Fulfilment of the will of Re-Coming to this Saha World             

II              Guiding the Lost Sheep  *       

III             His Allegiance to the Three Refuges 

IV             His Schooling and Esteem for Buddhism

V              The Power of Contemplation Conquers the Fascination of the Demon

VI             His Unwearisome Pleasure of Performing Acto of Merits        

VII            His Strong Will against Fascination  

VIII           Austerity and Virtue Sudmitted the Evil Spirits                       

IX             The Death of Mrs. Hu and Our Masters Mourning by the Grave        

X        The Eighteen Solemn Vows     

XI             Starvation during the Rainy Weather

XII            Saving Others According to His Vow

XIII           The Allegiance of Scholar       

XIV           Taa Repentance of a Shrew     

XV            His Intelligence of Teaching People  

XVi    The Villagers Saw Light 

XVII          The Prognostic of A Dream—             

XVIII         The Dragon (Lung Yu) Cottage

XIX           Intelligence and Affinity

XX            The Ru-Yee witch             

XXI           Response    *       

XXII          The Desire for a Son was satisfied     ;

X              Tne Fulfilment of the Prophecy    

XI             Itinerancy       

XII            Virtue Prostrates Evil Spirits        

XIII           A Sweet Spring Bubbles up from a cleft _of the Rocks            

XIV           Mrs. Li Implores for Salvation      

XV            Faith Gaineth the Grace of Buddha          

XVI           The Duckling came to hear the Sutra       

XVII          The Spirit Sued for the Receiving of Sila

XVIII         He (She) Who believes shall be Saved    

XIX           The Power of Buddha is Illimitable         

XX            The Demonstration in Dream       

XXI           The healing of an ulcerous Head 

XXII          Preachiug in the Chi Lien Abbey 

XXIII Liberal Delivery        

XVI           The Re-Construction of Antiquated Monas­tery

XVII          Men and Devas Join in Congratulation   

XXVIII  The Publication of Sutras and the making of Holy Statues   

XL The Participation of the Spirits in the Receptoin of Silas   

XLI The Preaching According to Circumstances tery   

XLIV   Buddhism Law has no Ending     

XLV    Expounding of Dharma in Kiangsi          

XLII    Sermon Delivered by ourMaster in Nan-Cheng

XLII    One of Our Master’s Sermon giving to the Buddhists during the period of the seven day of Contemplation in Nan Wah Monas­

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